Gov. Branstad breaks promise to Iowans, falls 120,000 jobs short of job creation goal

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Governor Branstad has fallen 120,000 jobs short of his promise to create 200,000 jobs in Iowa, according to data released today by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD). IWD figures show that total nonfarm employment in the state of Iowa was 1,476,200 in January of 2011, and stood at just 1,556,200 in September of 2014.
“There’s a reason Governor Branstad hasn’t even come close to keeping his promise,” said Matt Sinovic, executive director of Progress Iowa. “His policies favoring the wealthiest and foreign corporations leave working and middle class Iowans behind, struggling to find quality, good paying jobs. We need our Governor to work for all Iowans, not just the wealthy few.”
Despite Iowa’s stagnant job growth (unemployment rose again in September) Branstad has repeatedly attempted to deceive Iowans by promoting ‘gross jobs’ as opposed to ‘net jobs’ — refusing to count any jobs lost in his figures. Branstad has claimed nearly double the number of jobs created as a result of his dishonest accounting.
“Governor Branstad’s use of deceptive figures have been criticized repeatedly by media and economists yet he continues to use them,” said Sinovic. “Iowans need a Governor who will work for us and tell the truth. Branstad has failed both of those basic tests as a leader.”
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