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Tom Latham Bashes MSNBC's Chris Hayes... Over Fake News Story

12 Nov 2013 — 10:17 AM

UPDATE: Congressman Latham has apologized to Chris Hayes, but not to the 16,500 Iowa veterans whose food assistance he voted to cut: 


Well, this is awkward...

Congressman Tom Latham just bashed Chris Hayes for not respecting veterans... just weeks after Latham voted to cut food assistance for 16,500 Iowa veterans. Oh, and the story about Hayes? It was satirical. As in... fake news from a fake news site. The Daily Currant. 

Latham calls Hayes the 'village idiot' for saying our soldiers aren't heroes. What does that make Latham, who made it more difficult for them to go without food?

Thankfully, we captured a screenshot of Congressman Latham's post before it was removed (taken at 3:53 pm): 

Congressman Latham, or his staff, are likely not the first to fall victim to a fake news site. But Latham also has the distinction of voting with a very slim majority in September to cut basic food assistance for Americans who need it, including 16,500 Iowa veterans. 

We'll ask again: if Hayes was the 'village idiot' in this fake news story, what is Congressman Latham, who in reality made it harder for Iowa veterans to put food on the table? 

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